Facebook, Content Marketing, and Selling Courses: Do you really need them?

Social Media Just for WritersThe other day I was feeling overwhelmed by email. You know how that feels, right?

You look at your inbox, and there are all these catchy email headlines tempting you to open them, take yet another course, buy yet another product.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t begrudge successful author entrepreneurs or social media experts with enticing offers. I also use email marketing and hawk my books and services from time to time too.

But last week it just seemed like too much. Let me give you some examples of the headlines in my inbox:

  • 50 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans
  • 5 Things You Should Be Doing with Your Content But Aren’t
  • Why You Need to Sell Courses Starting Now!

This is my response to those headlines.

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Indie Author Weekly Roundup July 15, 2016

Indie Author Weekly Roundup by Frances Caballo

Here’s another edition of my Indie Author Weekly Roundup of the week’s best posts. I hope you enjoy them. Meanwhile, I can’t help but mention that I’m thrilled that summer is here. In the summers, there’s time for dancing at outside concerts, doing the cycling I love, and of course, walking in the woods, which I do year-round but it’s fun to hike when it’s sunny. The more time I spend outdoors, the more creative I seem to be. Ideas for future books and blog posts seem to flow from my pen. Do you experience the same thing? Let me know, okay?

Indie Author Weekly Roundup

Social Media Smarty Pants Interviews Frances Caballo about Goodreads: Here are the show notes:

  • Three smarty pants tips every author needs for Goodreads.
  • The importance of Goodreads groups and one that authors should get into.
  • What is Goodreads Deals and why you should consider it.
  • Why audience is important when it comes to choosing a social media channel.
  • Facebook ads pros and cons.
  • Who Frances follows on social media for expert advice.

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Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day

Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day by Frances CaballoSocial Media in 30 Minutes a Day is the book I’ve just released and its contents are the topic of today’s post. But first, I can’t help but talk about a new app I use to write.

Like I said, I am writing this post while using an application that’s new to me. It’s called OmmWriter. I love it.

OmmWriter offers distraction-free writing. That means that the app takes over my entire screen and I’m unable to bold or italicize what I write although I am able to enlarge the point size of the text. But that’s it. My only task here is to write.

The background of the screen is a pearl color with a few barren trees bordering the bottom. Piano usic plays in the background. It’s soft and creates a calm environment for my writing. It also nudges me to keep writing.


I feel completely relaxed.

There are some options to the right, but I ignore them — except for the opportunity to increase the point size. I have no desire to explore the others because all I want to do is write. I tried to create a screenshot of the icons to the right, but whenever I do, they disappear. How ephemeral, right?

But let’s get to the real purpose of this post.

Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day

But the subject of this post isn’t the app I’m using, it’s my new book. A book that I’m so excited about: Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day.

Why am I excited about it? I feel as though I finally got it right this time. Let me explain.

Two years ago, I released Avoid Social Media Time Suck. I thought it was the perfect follow-up to my first book, Social Media Just for Writers.

But experts in the field hated the title, and the sales proved they were right. It was the right book for the right audience with the right cover. But I messed up on the title. (Writer: Beware of using the wrong title.)

While meant to be amusing, the title fed the fear that social media is this horrible vortex of time suck. But my book was trying to disprove that theory.

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Indie Author Weekly Roundup – July 8, 2016


 Indie Author Weekly Roundup by Frances CaballoIt seems that every week it gets harder to narrow the selection of posts I pick for the Indie Author Weekly Roundup. This week was especially difficult. I hope you enjoy the mix of social media and book marketing posts that I ultimately chose.

Indie Author Weekly Roundup


Did You Miss These Posts I Recently Wrote for Other Blogs? 

How Goodreads Can Help Writers Grow Their Readership from Susanne Lakin’s Live Write Thrive blog: “What I find interesting is that many Goodreads users attended college, and even more of them attended graduate school. Goodreads members are educated, love to read, and love to talk about books. Women read more and review more books than men and dominate this online venue. While men aren’t as active on this site as women, they still participate and are a growing force here.”

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4 Ways to Respond When Someone Bugs You Online

4 Ways to Reply When Someone Bugs You on Social Media by Frances Caballo

What do you do when someone bugs you online? Heres my answer: Don’t let it get you down. It happens to all of us. Keep reading to learn  my strategies on how to deal with these people.

I visited a ghost town recently.

Well, Monterey isn’t well known as a ghost town, but that’s how I experienced it. You see, I grew up there (yeah, lucky me) and as I drove and walked around town I said to myself, “That’s where my father ate his morning donuts. That’s where Carmen lived and over there is where my friends hung out.”

Monterey is a beautiful town, and my memories of it were always tied to people who either died or no longer live there. I saw ghosts everywhere because I allowed myself to imagine them.

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Are Press Releases Dead? Is Email Marketing Important?

Press Releases - Email Marketing - Frances Caballo

Summer is here and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Get outside. Observe. Take in the fresh air and let it all feed your creative side and breathe new life into your writing. Most of all, relax and have some fun. You’re doing what you love, right? Writing books, selling books, and living the life you’ve dreamed of. So go for it. Feel the sand on your feet, touch a tree, and dance in the sunlight. I recently took my dog to Carmel Beach at 7 am and it was beautiful, serene. Sure, there were dogs off the leash and that was the part of the fun. To let my Dixie run into the water, play with other dogs, and enjoy the energy surrounding her was thrilling to watch. What are you doing this summer? I’d love to know!

This week’s roundup is again filled with an array of wonderful information touching on press releases, email marketing, the problems inherent to being one expert, and more. I hope you enjoy the selection.

Brexit: Twilight of the Experts? by Joel Friedlander: “There’s a specific problem that subject-matter experts run into when they attempt to interact with newcomers. As you gain expertise, you naturally evolve away from the open-minded inquiry that typifies most newcomers. When you don’t know much, you’re open to just about anything. As you get more educated, the options narrow, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s part of the process of becoming more experienced yourself.”

Note: This post by Joel Friedlander is an excellent reminder to nonfiction bloggers If your information is too advanced, or you forget to cover the basics, you’ll lose readers who can benefit from your expertise.

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Book Marketing Tips from Industry Experts

Book Marketing TipsWhat book marketing tips do you follow religiously? Are you having success?

If you struggle with book marketing, don’t feel alone in your struggle. A lot of authors wish they could be selling more books.

If you have a beautiful author website, you regularly update your blog, and you’re fairly active on social media, you’re probably wondering: What gives?

I decided to contact some expert book marketers to glean their advice and this is what you’ll read below is their best advice.

Book Marketing Tips from Industry Experts

Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn was the first to reply when I asked her for her thoughts and this is what she said. Note: She was in a hurry and only had time for this succinct pearl of wisdom.

Book marketing tip from Joanna Penn


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Facebook or Instagram: Which Is Right for You?

 Facebook or Instagram: Which Should You Use? by Frances Caballo

Facebook or Instagram: Do You Know Which to Use?

Deciding which social media networks to use isn’t always easy. So when the decision is between Facebook or Instagram, do you know which one you should use?

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, you know that you don’t need to be everywhere online. Your task is to know who your readers are and use the networks they prefer.

It’s really as easy as it sounds.

  • If you write for women, Facebook and Pinterest are great sites.
  • If you write young adult novels, you should use Tumblr, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • If you write nonfiction, you need to be on LinkedIn.

I’ve written about this concept before, and you can check out my most recent post on this topic titled Authors: Use New Pew Center Results to Better Reach Your Readers.

But what if you write New Adult books intended for Millennial women? Should you be on Facebook or Instagram?

And if you don’t write for Millennials and you only have the time to use one or two social media sites, should you opt for the dominance of Facebook over the popularity of Instagram?

Let’s delve into some answers.

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