Visual Marketing for Authors Plus 12 Image Creation Tools

Attract Readers with Images

Jane FriedmanThe next episode of Conversations with Frances features Jane Friedman. Jane is a columnist with Publishers Weekly, a professor with The Great Courses, and a keynote speaker at several writers’ conferences. She speaks regularly at industry events such as BookExpo America and Digital Book World, and has served on panels with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Creative Work Fund. On November 1 at 11 am Jane will share her thoughts on book launches. She’ll also be available to answer your questions. Join us on November 1st.

Visual Marketing for Authors

A number of years ago, experts predicted that by 2014, mobile marketing would rule the Internet. They were right.

So what’s the next trend? It’s already here, and it’s visual marketing.

In 2015, the Pew Research Center reported that Instagram was the fourth most used social media network behind Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. That’s right Pinterest, another visually-based social media network.

Why are images so hot? Mike Parkinson, the founder of Billion Dollar Graphics (BDG), explained the reason in an article titled “The Power of Visual Communication.” In that report, he noted that we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

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Indie Author Weekly Roundup October 21, 2016

Indie Author Weekly RoundupWelcome to another edition of the Indie Author Weekly Roundup. It’s so much fun finding these nuggets during the week and then sharing them with you. I hope you enjoy this week’s selection.

This past week I discovered a free ebook on how to increase your kindle rankings and sell more books. It’s from Dave Chesson aka the Kindlepreneur. Be sure to sign up for his list and get this free ebook.

Indie Author Roundup

Creative Visualization for Writers: Nina Amir Interview by Joel Friedlander: “So, the thing is that a lot of people want to write a book, but they don’t ever take action. The question then becomes, “why don’t they take action?” What’s stopping them? I know we both wrote some blog posts for your blog about mindset, that this is the secret sauce is what’s going on up here. I think that’s what stops the majority of people, is their own negative thoughts, their limiting beliefs, and their habits. They’re just not helping themselves accomplish their goal.”

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Free Book Promotion Sites for Indie Authors

Where to Promote Free Books

My List of Free Book Promotion Sites

I recently promoted my book Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day for free and researched and used a couple of free book promotion sites. I thought I’d share my research with you and list others that authors I know have found helpful in the past.

Books Butterfly

I’ve heard that the Top 200 Push or the Pure Wild Card or Super Slot options are the best. Those options range from $80 to $120.

Some of the benefits are that Books Butterfly has 241,788 email subscribers, and they have more than 170,000 Twitter followers.

My thoughts: Considering the size of the email list, the pricing seems fair. What you don’t know is how many of those readers prefer romance or historical fiction or science fiction let alone nonfiction.

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Indie Author Weekly Roundup October 14, 2016

Indie Author Weekly Roundup by Frances Caballo

This week’s Indie Author Weekly Roundup is longer than most but that’s because it is completely  chock-full with information you need at your disposal. I hope you enjoy this week’s selection!

And don’t forget that …

Jane FriedmanThe next episode of Conversations with Frances features Jane Friedman. Jane is a columnist with Publishers Weekly, a professor with The Great Courses, and she’s been a keynote speaker at several writers’ conferences. She speaks regularly at industry events such as BookExpo America and Digital Book World, and has served on panels with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Creative Work Fund. On November 1 at 11 am Jane will share her thoughts on book launches. She’ll also be available to answer your questions. Join us on November 1st.

Indie Author Weekly Roundup

Time Management Tips for Busy Authorpreneurs from BookWorks: “You know what  you’re supposed to do—write your book, start a blog and website, and turn to social media to help you market everything you’ve created. But where do you start? Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? And how can you write your next book if you now need to spend time writing blog posts, posting social media updates, and chasing after Likes and followers?”

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Joanna Penn on Book Marketing and How to Write a Novel

Joanna Penn on book marketing and how to write a novelI recently interviewed Joanna Penn for my new webinar series Conversations with Frances and decided to share that video with you today.

Joanna Penn Interview

joanna-penn-how-to-write-a-novelFor those who are unfamiliar with Joanna, she’s a New York Times and USA Today bestselling thriller author and a nonfiction author. She’s written 20 books and sold more than 450,000 books in 74 countries and five languages. She’s also an international professional speaker and award-winning entrepreneur and was voted as one of The Guardian’s UK Top 100 creative professionals in 2013. In addition to writing, she’s developed numerous courses, including How to Write a Novel.

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Indie Author Weekly Roundup October 7, 2016

Indie Author Updates by Frances CaballoWelcome to the Indie Author Weekly Roundup. This week you’ll find posts on how best to market your books plus other great resources. Don’t miss Joel Friedlander’s interview of Dana Kaye and the list of twelve resources that authors need to be aware of. I hope you enjoy this week’s selection.

Free Book Promotions: Are They Worth It? by Frances Caballo and from Joel Friedlander of “The continuing controversy among self-published authors is whether you should sign up for Kindle Direct Publishing’s Kindle Select Program and use the free promotion feature. The secondary questions are:

  • Is it worth it to be exclusive?
  • Are the free promotion days that tend to entice some authors – and readers – worth it?

There seem to be almost as many opinions on these controversies as there are, well, books. So what’s my take?”

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Books Lingering on Bookshelves? Try These 18 Book Marketing Tips

10-3-16-18-book-marketing-tipsDo you want to sell more books? Every author does. I know that I do.

The truth is, we can never sell enough books, right? It would always be great to be able to sell another 1,000 books, or 100,000 more, or maybe even 250,000 more. Or even 100 more.

Indie writers regularly contact me wanting to know how they can maximize sales of their books. Some of them dream of the day when their writing can support them – a lofty goal.

If you look at the great success stories of today’s indie authors, they support their careers with writing nonfiction or teaching courses. Look at thriller author Joanna Penn as an example. She has sold almost 500,000 books around the world and in five different languages.

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Indie Author Weekly Roundup September 30, 2016

Indie Author News This WeekAs an indie author, what steps are you taking to sell more books? How to sell more books is the continual question for authors and so I hope this week’s indie author weekly roundup will provide some answers for you.

And …

Don’t forget to sign up for next Tuesday’s Conversations with Frances when I’ll be interviewing blogging and self-publishing expert Joel Friedlander. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask him anything you’d like as well. So join us October 4 at 11 am.

Indie Author Updates

10 Things Authors Need to Stop Doing on Social Media Immediately from Digital Book World: “Almost every author has been told at some point, “You gotta get online and promote.” But only a small percentage of authors have actually been coached on social media best practices, resulting in hundreds of authors using social media completely wrong and turning readers off rather than attracting them. If you are guilty of any of the following social media practices, for the sake of your readership, please stop immediately.”

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Feeling Stressed? Too much To Do and Not Enough Time? Slow Down!

Feeling Stress? Tired? Slow Down! by Frances Caballo

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” Michael Altshuler

I joined a new gym recently, and the first class I took was a Qi Gong class.

I’ve got to tell you it was such a relief to step onto that wood floor and almost immediately have someone tell me that all I could focus on was my hands, or my feet, or the energy between my hands.

You see, during the day, my mind races. I have to update my social media, my clients’ channels, write for my blog, write guest posts, ask people to be on my webinar series, schedule the webinars, create images, prepare for sessions I teach, approve logos, learn how to record video, read tons of other blog posts, write books, and on and on.

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Indie Author Weekly Roundup September 23, 2016

9-23-16-indie-author-updatesThis week’s Indie Author Weekly Roundup includes six posts. You see, I just couldn’t cut the list any more. Each post is chock-full of information that indie authors need to know to be successful in today’s market. And that is the purpose of this blog; to help you attain your goals.

On another note, if you missed Wednesday’s webinar with Joanna Penn, well, you missed a real treat. She revealed great tips that have helped to fuel her success. We also discussed her new course, How to Write a Novel. I’ve reviewed the course and plan to use it when I return to my novel. it’s awesome.

My next webinar will feature Joel Friedlander. The date for that webinar is October 4.

Indie Author Updates

Unusual Ways to Promote Your Book from Alliance of Independent Authors: “Each month we step away from mainstream marketing ideas and highlight creative, fun and sometimes downright wacky ideas that our members have dreamed up to help promote their self-published books to more readers. Here’s September’s top tips, with thanks to all the authors named (and the one who prefers to remain anonymous) for generously allowing us to share them here.”

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